Posters, Flyers & Menus

Posters, flyers & menus are a great give away at exhibitions, in waiting rooms or via mail-outs but the real trick is knowing what you are trying to achieve with your material. JDB Printing can help by defining and designing your ideal marketing promotion. When we started in design, the web had yet to be invented, so catalogues and brochures were a primary method of communication. At JDB, we produce high impact literature that makes you stand out in a crowd. With all the world moving online giving customers something to hang on to makes a refreshing change.

Having mastered the old world of lithographic print and colour separations we know what works in print and what doesn’t; oranges and greens are out (unless you want to use spot colours) while blues and yellows are in. 80gsm is fine for your magazine but not the same as stunning 270gsm matt laminated corporate brochure.

So whether you need something big and glossy or small and sophisticated talk to us and see what ideas we can give you.